In 2012, I stepped out from behind the camera and in the dark placed my body onto photographic paper. In a few brief seconds of illumination, I left my mark. Made as if by magic through an alchemy of silver and light, here was evidence of my presence, witness to my physical self at a particular time and space. This fascination with the physical body, its sensations, its wholeness,and with the traces we leave behind, stem from my own experience of having lived within a disabled body my whole life, learning to live with my own set of limitations and peculiarities, my own truths and fantasies. Unique in once sense certainly, but there is the feeling contained within these images too, that my experience is one which is shared by everybody, mirroring the strange, puzzling and transient experience of the human body in each of the spaces we occupy.

Each image is a unique gelatin silver photogram toned in gold.

Conundrum Book

Conundrum_book_info copy.jpg

A softbound 14 page catalogue Conundrum featuring my large scale photograms is available for purchase. It was designed by Kristina Juzaitis and offset printed upon McCoy Silk stock by Meridian Printing in Rhode Island in an edition of 500.  Signed edition: $25.00

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