The Blues | Group Exhibition | Manhattan Graphics Center | New York, NY
Below the Surface | Group exhibition | Manhattan Graphics Center | New York, NY

Abstract: No Boundaries | Group exhibition curated by Dorothy Szefc | Orange Hall, SUNY Orange, Middletown, NY
Made by Hand | Group exhibition | GALLERY 1/1, Seattle, Washington
Variation-Transformation-Adoration  | Group exhibition curated by Regula Ruegg | Deutsches Haus at NYU, NY

Embodied  |  Milkweed, Sugarloaf, NY
Claire Gilliam: Photograms  |  The Grange, Warwick, NY
The Nude  |  Group exhibition  |  Chris Davidson Gallery, Newburgh, NY
The Figure: Interpreted Through Contemporary Mediums   |  Group exhibition curated by Barbara A MacAdam  |  Site: Brooklyn, NY
Manhattan Graphics Member Show  |  New York, NY

Standing Rock Benefit Exhibition  |  Rogue Space, Chelsea, NY
Identity & Anonymity: An exhibition | Group exhibition curated by Jonathan Talbot  |  Seligmann Center at the Citizen's Foundation, Chester, NY

PIX: A Photography Quarterly touring group exhibition  | The Harold Pieres Gallery, Lionel Wendt Art Centre, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Imaging Now: Collected Visions  |  Group exhibition curated by Dani Cattan  |  Hyde Gallery, Memphis College of Art, TN
A Body, Drawn by Light  |  Solo exhibition  |  Consciousfork, Warwick, NY

Embody: The Gender Issue  |  PIX: A Photography Quarterly touring group exhibition  |  The Seagull Foundation for the Arts, Kolkata, India
Embody: The Gender Issue  |  PIX: A Photography Quarterly touring group exhibition  | Goethe-Institute/Max Mueller Bhavan, Bangalore, India
Tales, Processes and Moments  |  Collective Works from the Master's Seminar, 2012-2014  |  Group exhibition curated by Alison Bradley, Chuck Kelton and Pauline Vermeer  | Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, NJ

Claire Gilliam Photographs  |  keltonlabs.com
Identity  |  Group exhibition curated by Barbara Tannenbaum  |  Center for Fine Art Photography, CO
Humans Being II  |  Group exhibition curated by Riva Lehrer  |  Woman Made Gallery, Chicago

The Nature of Trees  |  Online Annex exhibition curated by Sean Kernan  |  PhotoPlace Gallery, Vermont
All About Me  |  Online group exhibition  |  F-Stop Magazine, Issue 46, April/May 2011

Body Image  |  Physical and online group exhibition curated by Michelle Kort  |  The Pen & Brush, New York, NY
Body  |  Two person exhibition with Catherine Welshman  |  Gallery Warwick, Warwick, NY
Worldwide Photography Gala Awards Awardee Exhibition  |  Circle de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain

Clues to Identity  |  Group exhibition curated by Chuck Kelton  |  Rita K. Hillman Education Gallery, ICP, NY
Just Look At Yourself  |  Group exhibition  |  Center for Maine Contemporary Art, Rockport, ME

Publications/ Talks

Artist Interview - Claire Gilliam | Faithwaites Blog, May 2019

The Thought Provokers Series - Boston Voyager | July 2018

Identity & Anonymity: An Artful Anthology |  Edited by Jonathan Talbot, Leslie Fandrich & Steven Specht

The Hand Magazine  |  Feature, Issue 10
Guest Speaker  |  MFA Contemporary Art Seminar, Memphis College of Art

Liquid Identity, Faces of Self Identity  |  Conundrum Special Feature  |  Zonezero.com

Claire Gilliam - This Is You, This Is Me  |  Special feature, Embody: The Gender Issue, Vol. 9  |  PIX Photography Quarterly, Dehli, India
Living with Disability on Display in Rare Art Exhibit  |  Medill Reports, May 21st

Viewing Disability & Difference Through the Eye of a Lens  |  Disability Horizons Online Magazine, UK, November 5th


3rd Place PX3 People's Choice Award/ Portraits
 Finalist, Julia Margaret Cameron Award

2nd Place, Photographers' Fellowship Fund, CPW
Honorable Mention, Annual World Photography Gala Awards