In Memory

This portfolio explores the differing perceptions of the human form. In one sense the photographs can be viewed as self portraits that draw upon my own experiences as a woman and a disabled woman at that. They reflect my fantasies, my truths, my journeys and my history mapped through skin. Having been stared at frequently throughout my life without invitation, these photographs now challenge and give permission for the viewer to gaze upon my body under my own terms. 

In another and much wider sense, each image is merely a portrait of a figure that as a whole begin to speak towards a universality of the female body.  They convey the dualities of awkwardness and grace, and the peculiarities and similarities that every body exists with.  

All images are 14" x 14" printed in the darkroom on 16”x 20” Ilford semi-matt warm tone paper and toned in gold as an edition of 10.